If you are an action taker who is ready to show up confidently as an authentic leader, you're in the right place


Like you, I want to leave the world a better place - which is why I'm mentoring women from all over the world to become better leaders, so that you in turn can add deep value to those around you and be a positive influence on the world.


Hi, I'm Stephanie Stevenson

I'm an executive in Technology in the financial industry (banking, insurance), and I've worked my way up to senior leadership. (Come and find me on LinkedIn!)

I've run my own tech start-up which has given me huge insight into business generally (we turned over $4m in 3 years), and I've been a single parent to 5 children for 8 years.

I'm also an executive producer on a movie about Suzi Quatro which you can watch on Amazon Prime, and I'm a keen property investor.

I didn't wake up one day and I was successful, it's taken time, focus, insight, and many mentors and coaches along the way to get me here.

Now, I'm ready to pay it back and help you to fast track your career whilst leading the most fulfilled life possible!

It only takes one thing to turn your life around - it's your time to Lead, and ... why not you?

Ready to get started?!

Jump right in to the tools you need for Leadership

We are so excited to bring you these Leadership Development products where you can find leadership coaching and mentoring either in person with me, or through our products below.

Leadership Secrets

Ever wondered what the silver bullet to leadership is? Find out more here in this free 9 module mastermind.

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Leadership Quiz

Find out where you are on the Leadership maturity curve, and get your roadmap to your next step with this free quiz.

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Leadership Intensive

Our signature program, designed to elevate you in authentic, powerful, confident leadership. Self paced and facilitated. 

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See what my clients are saying:

"Stephanie is very quick and forensic at jumping into your situation/issue and helping bring out amazing solutions for your benefit ... I had support, accountability and answers tailored specifically for me."

Rayna Russell, Actress and Director, LA

"She always made me feel listened to, respected, confident and empowered - even though at the time I was really struggling with all of these things. And she always just believed in me - even when I found it difficult to believe in myself. Lifechanging!"

Clare Short, Business Owner, UK

"It became safe to talk about the desire to uplevel my income and to have someone push me on the next steps."

Debbie Sasson, Financial Coach, Israel