Overworking won't get you a promotion

confidence how can i become a leader leadership leadership coaching people pleasing women in leadership Dec 26, 2021

Are you working day and night to show everyone that you're ready to get ahead?

I often see female colleagues trying to 'outwork' their way into their next leadership role.

Overworking will not make you successful... it will not get you promoted and can even stall your career.

Maybe you are overworking to demonstrate a higher level of diligence and loyalty.

You may think you are showing that you will do whatever it takes to get things across the line.

You might be working every day until late, and available after hours.

You might be doing this to say "I'm working hard. I want you to know I'm ready for the next level"

But what if it doesn't look the way you think it does?

What if overworking is making you look like you've taken on too much?

What if working late and being available after hours is making you look like you can't manage your workload?

A strong leader needs to have strong boundaries. 

A strong leader needs to be able to prioritise and manage their current workload effectively before taking on more.

Does this make you look at overworking in a different light? I'd love to hear your thoughts

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