Show up as a powerful and authentic leader and
get that next leadership role

Show up as a powerful and authentic leader and get that next leadership role

Learn how to become an admired, inspirational leader who consistently delivers outcomes whilst creating thriving, engaged teams that will love working with you!!


It’s time to get clear on your leadership identity and show up more fully as YOU

so that you know exactly how to embody the next level of leadership and BE the person that is a shoe-in for the next leadership role. You may be thinking that there’s a silver bullet to leadership that if only you knew, you could get ahead. There are many levers you can pull!

Hey, we all know people who work endless hours to get the promotion, but no matter how hard they work, they just can’t get ahead. Am I right?

You might spend forever (okay, maybe hours) going the extra mile to deliver and get the work across the line, feeling sure this will get you ahead, wondering why you aren’t making progress but also not confident enough to speak up, to get visible, not putting your hand up for opportunities because you aren’t a 100% match or you don’t know what’s required.

You’re concerned about being too visible in case you are judged or it reflects badly on you.
When you do get selected for promotion, maybe you second guess yourself and you can’t help but feel that someone else would do a better job.
You struggle to take consistent action because you’re scared of failing.
You are overwhelmed with work, your inbox is filling up and the more work you do, the more work seems to come in ... yet you don't get the appreciation and recognition (or promotion) that you deserve.

Here’s a truth bomb for you that might actually ease some of the frustration and disappointment in your mind

Leadership isn’t about working as hard as you can, being smart, delivering outcomes, or ticking the boxes.

It’s about who YOU are

and how you are showing up, how you are perceived, and how you are empowering the people around you to deliver results in a great environment that you have created.

It’s about who YOU are

and how you are showing up, how you are perceived, and how you are empowering the people around you to deliver results in a great environment that you have created.

Working hard isn’t just going to get you ahead

although you do have to work hard and get outcomes to get ahead!

It's true: Most of us think that the harder we work, and the more we deliver, the more we’ll be rewarded through great feedback, appreciation, significance, and promotions.

But I’m sure you know many (many!) people who have worked their hardest and still haven’t got ahead or managed to step into leadership.

And even working smart isn’t going to get you ahead either

although of course you need to.

Even getting great outcomes isn’t going to help get that promotion - look around, all of your peers are getting great outcomes, too.

That’s because …

When your leaders are looking for someone to promote - they look at how you are showing up, your confidence, visibility and likeability, and who you are as a person.

There is a six-step process you can follow that helps you to show up powerfully as a strong leader - no matter whether your issue is fear, comparison, lack of knowledge, overwhelm, or not knowing what’s really required to be a quality leader.


Nail Your Next Level

Leadership Intensive


In this 6-week, multi-module, facilitated intensive (although you can do it in your own time too), I’m going to layout and show you exactly how to get that next leadership role and be a quality leader, through my signature, structured Leadership Development method which you'll be able to flow through with ease.

Show up powerfully and authentically as a leader, confident in the knowledge that you ARE enough
Easily position yourself for your next leadership role, so that you are the natural person to be selected for the role you want
Create space so that you have balance at work, and can do the fun and interesting tasks that will help you get ahead and balance your skills.
Show up with credibility using a simple yet extremely powerful approach.
Create an amazing team culture and vibe and be the leader that everyone wants to work with

Pay in Full

1497 AUD

+ Weekly Mentoring Calls
+ Private Success Community Facebook Group

✳︎ We start on 24th January 2022! ✳︎


3 Monthly Payments

1497 AUD

+ Weekly Mentoring Calls

+ Private Success Community Facebook Group

✳︎ We start on 24th January 2022! ✳︎


Sounds fab? Here’s a glance at the delights in store for you …

Your Leadership Identity

Once you have decided to be a leader, you need to get clear on what that means for you - and get ready to fully embody your leadership identity … at the next level.

In week 1, we’ll cover defining and embodying your leadership identity, the traits you need to develop, and how to create a culture that creates an engaged and enthusiastic team (even if you don’t have one yet).

Get Outcomes and Accelerate your Productivity

Taking action and getting outcomes is key to being a good leader, as well as being able to influence others to achieve, too.

In week 2, we’ll cover how to get results, no matter what the circumstances, both for yourself and your team. And you get some practical, easily applicable approaches to deal with your mindset and actual outcomes right off the bat.

The Confident You

Getting past fear and insecurity and stepping into the confident version of yourself, will inspire others to be confident in you too.

In week 3, we’ll take you from unsure, insecure, and second-guessing yourself - to self-assured and confident.

People Leadership
(People before Outcomes)

When you are working as an individual contributor (ie not a leader), your individual outcomes are what get you ahead (and likely got you to this stage). That has to change when you become a leader.

In week 4, we’ll cover exactly how to build, manage and lead a team to be an engaged, connected unit who feel empowered and want to do their best at work for you.

Credibility, Trust and the Art of Leadership

There are soft skills, hard skills and key skills.

In week 5, we’ll cover exactly what you need to know to get instant credibility as a leader who knows what they are about - and this one skill will elevate you against your peers.

The Leadership Model

If you stay in the same place you won’t be able to move forward. Stating the obvious? It’s the same with leadership, and if you are overwhelmed with work, you won’t have the space to grow.

There’s a balance with leadership and in week 6, we bring it all together to really set you up for the future, ensure you have a strong strategy, are working through those areas that matter and building out your support base.


It’s time for you to step fully into
strong, authentic leadership

Just imagine...

Showing up confidently as a leader, every time.
Knowing that you are the succession plan for the next level leadership role that you want.
Having a completely balanced workload where you can flow through your day (and not stress, struggle, or feel overwhelmed).
Having a reputation as a high achiever who produces consistent outcomes, with a great team.
Being confident with being visible (and having a strong brand where people want to know you and work with you).
Consistently operating at the next level of leadership, with ease.
Getting a higher salary (and a bigger bonus!) while doing the work that you love.

It’s all possible when you take this first step.

The reality is:

We need quality leaders who are building engaged teams that deliver quality outcomes.

And if you have the desire in your heart to be a leader but you’re not stepping up and stepping forward, you know that you are missing an opportunity to live your purpose and influence at a larger scale, to make the world a better place.

And more, you’re depriving yourself and others from the opportunity to grow and develop from working with you as their leader.

So, tell me: what’s truly stopping you from stepping forward into your next (or first) leadership role?


Whether it’s fear, lack of knowledge, a perceived lack of skills, or lack of opportunity - I’ve got your back.

Join my intensive and you’ll learn everything you need to know to develop yourself as a leader, setting you on the path for more fulfillment, success, money, and influence.

What do you say?